Mickey’s Kingdom Community Build Volunteers Beat The Heat

Many people braved the hot temperatures at Day 2 of The Mickey’s Kingdom Community Build.

Volunteers of all ages were out shoveling and sawing away. As well as many area businesses, groups and Evansville’s Finest are participating in the build. The new playground will be about 20,000 square feet, featuring pirate ship and interactive play stations. Officials are asking anyone to come out and help, the first 90 volunteers each shift receive a t-shirt.

Brian Holtz, an employee for Evansville Parks and Recreations explains how this is a complete volunteer effort by saying “A total volunteer effort, a community build oversaw by a group of playground experts, so yes you’re right there is some investment in each and every person, if you want sweat equity as hot is it is today, a good way to give back to the community but also know that you’re apart of something much larger than yourself.”

Volunteers are still wanted, building shifts run through September 23rd, from 8 A.M. to noon, 12:30 to 5 P.M., and 5:30 until dark.



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