Henderson County

Methodist Health to Join Deaconess Health in July

An signed agreement this morning will lead to Methodist Health joining Deaconess Health Systems on July 1st.

Medical staff and employees for both organizations were notified this morning about the agreement.  Methodist Health Hospitals in Henderson and Union County, along with outpatient clinics and facilities, are part of this agreement.

“This is a historic day for Methodist Health, for Deaconess, and for the communities in Henderson, Union, and Webster Counties,” said Methodist Health CEO Linda White.”

“At the time of our affiliate, the goal was to keep quality health care local, with local-decision making and a local focus.  That will not change.  However, Methodist Health has been unable to turn around our financial situation, and expenses have exceeded revenues.  In this current fiscal year, Methodist Health has lost $8 million.  While this situation is not unique – as many small hospitals are struggling – it is also not sustainable.”

Deaconess leadership will collaborate with Methodist Health employees.  No word on if there will be any job loss associated with the agreement.



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