Meth Arrests Increase in Daviess County

Methamphetamine arrests in Daviess County and Owensboro are on the rise, detectives within the criminal investigation division says they’re still working to combat the issue.

Major Bill Thompson says, “The trend we’re seeing is an increased availability since it started coming around, 20/25 years ago”

Detectives say that drug abusers are currently purchasing crystal meth, which is easier for the dealer to make, and cheaper for the attic to purchase.

“We can’t seem to put much of a dent in it, obviously if the arrests are up 11% from last year – something is wrong, something is going wrong, that, that much is still available here,” says Thompson.

Owensboro, which saw 598 arrests in 2018, is centrally located just hours away from numerous metropolitan cities investigators blame easy interstate access from cities like Atlanta, Nashville, St. Louis and Louisville!

“Historically the majority of the crystal meth has come from Atlanta, now it’s my understanding that Louisville and Cincinnati has become a major trafficking spot to distribute to our local community, unfortunately, we are right in the middle of all that!”

Tiffany Todd-Kipling is a recovering attic, battling substance-abuse issues and depression for more than 20 years.

She says the system failed her numerous times, but today she’s an advocate for those walking down a path she was all too familiar with.

“My message to those battling addiction will be to reach out to somebody for some help that can guide them through the recovery process, they have to do what they want to do, if they want to grow, they have to do what’s uncomfortable because that’s where the growth is at,” says Todd-Kipling

If you or someone you know may be battling substance-abuse you contact 1-800-662-help for the National Substance Abuse Helpline.



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