Memorial Sending Three Underclassmen to State Tennis Meet

Memorial may be young, but the Tigers are very talented. Andrew Garcia caught up with all three tennis players before they make the trip to State.

When the Indivdual State Tennis Tournament begins this weekend, the Memorial Tigers will be represented in both singles and doubles.

“To send three girls up there to the state tournament, each of them in the final 8 of the state trying to go for the title of state champion, it means a lot,” said Head Coach Derrick Woolbright. “It lends a lot to the tradition that Memorial has of putting up all star tennis players and just putting people at the state final.”

Though this is their first year playing together as a doubles team, Abby Myers and Margo Throop’s off the court relationship has paved the way for success.

“It’s honestly such a grateful feeling,” said Memorial Sophomore Margo Throop. “Abby and I have been friends for so long and just to get to play together and make it this far it’s so great to do this with my friend.”

“Being friends, we know how to cheer each other up and to keep going and to motivate each other and to support each other,” said Memorial Sophomore Abby Myers. “I think it helps us play better together because we’ve known each other for so long and we can keep each other up and moving and always encourage each other to keep going.”

Representing the Tigers in first singles? Ellie Myers, who is 19-1 and has won her last 5 matches, and she’s only a freshman.

“I’ve never played in front of crowds with people being able to cheer and so that will be different as well as learning the atmosphere,” said Memorial Freshman Ellie Myers. “I look up to the top players as what I would like to be especially going into state I’d like to become a champion too.”

This will be Myers first trip to state as a competitor, but not as a spectator, an experience she believes will serve her well.

“My sister went to state and she was telling me about how she handled her nerves in front of crowds and the big opportunities ahead of her. I’ve been putting in the hours and the work and I just feel like this is my time and that I can go up there and win.”



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