Ousted Members of KY Board of Education Denied Appeal at Kentucky Supreme Court

UPDATE: Following a day of court filings, the ousted member of the Kentucky Board of Education may have reached its end.  After an injunction filed by the members to keep from being disbanded was turned down by the Kentucky Court of Appeals, the members reached out to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Just before Noon, the Supreme Court denied the motion, stated that they hadn’t show enough of an emergency.

Former board member Rich Gimmel questions the decisions this morning.

“It is important to remember that no court has yet ruled on the merits of our arguments that the governor’s action was illegal,” said Gimmel.

Meanwhile, the new members of the Kentucky Board of Education were sworn in Thursday morning.



A day after a Kentucky judge denied members of the Kentucky Board of Education injunction relief, a new Emergency Relief injunction has been filed in the Kentucky Court of Appeals.

The Kentucky Board of Education members Gary Houchens, Milton Seymore, Ben Cundiff, Tracey Cusick, Kathy Gornik, Hal Heiner, Alesa Johnson, Joe Papalia, Laura Timberlake, and Richard Gimmel filed Thursday morning to the Franklin Circuit Court’s order that was handed down Wednesday evening.  This Emergency Relief is to prevent Governor Andy Beshear and Lt. Governor and Secretary of Education Jacqueline Coleman from disbanding the current board of education and replace them will all new members.  The Board of Education is schedule to meet at 9AM central Thursday morning.

KBE members will be filing an emergency appeal seeking to have Governor Beshear’s order set aside.  If the governor’s action is allowed to stand, the he is not only rejecting the intent of the law, but he’s also turning his back on clearly established practice and on his own campaign promises of a new tone of civility and unity in Frankfort.

Kentucky Board of Education Member Rich Gimmel

The last second stand by the current members come as discussion will take place Thursday morning to dismiss the current Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis.  The board is set to enter into executive session to discuss the matter.



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