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Meet Local Legend Larry Grisham

The Tri-State is a live music lover’s dream!

We are surrounded by amazingly gifted artists when we’re driving on the Lloyd, shopping at Wal-Mart, or crossing that blue bridge.

Today, we’re opening up the pages of one very special musician’s life who’s been entertaining the area, and the world for decades.

Fans of live music all over the world will recognize the name Larry Grisham.

Not just from his band being the back-track to popular British actor and comedian Stephen Fry’s special in America…

You know, the one with Morgan Freeman!

We met Morgan Freeman when we played a private party for him. I think it was when he was…maybe the first time he was nominated for an Oscar.
Seemed to enjoy it so he and Bill Luckett, mayor Bill Luckett opened Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, they asked us to be one of the first bands to play.

He’s provided the lyrics for so many big names…

I write music and lyrics, Little Milton, Dorothy Moore, they’ve done “Blues in the Night”, “I’ll Always Love You”.

I’ll Always Love You is one that Larry wrote back in the day, and then I know a whole bunch of other people that had licensed it.
It’s just one of those songs…once you hear it? It just blows you away, and you will fall in love with it.

And performed with even bigger ones!

Yeah, Bobby Bland, Lynn White, Connie Winter, Edgar Winter, Little Milton, Ace Cannon, Kim Wilson, Thunderbirds, everybody.

On our second album, the guys from The Swampers actually were our rhythm section. For 5 years in a row we got to tour with B.B. King for 3 days in June, each June we got to be with him for 3 days.

And while he’s lived every aspiring musician’s dream, touring Europe, Greenland and Asia…

What country haven’t you been to?

Larry: Haven’t?


GRETCHIN: Co-owned a club in Indiana…he’s also inspired a new generation of supremely gifted Blues artists!

I keep their music right there with me all the time. Larry wrote this song called ‘Big Thighs’, and it was so funny.
I got to open up for B.B. King is final time coming home to Mississippi.
At 3o’clock in the morning, I ended up needing something to eat after I had seen B.B. King play his final time at home, and it hit me…and all of a sudden I said, hot fries, yeah I want them super-sized. I want a double quarter pounder with some cheese on the side.

Larry says Blues music gets in your blood and you can’t stop it…and he’s the living proof.

Pretty cool, right?

You can usually catch Larry and The Beat Daddys around town at venues like Lamasco or Mojo’s…unfortunately, due to some health issues, they’re not playing quite as often, so when you see them on that city calendar, be sure to go check this legend, and the legendary band, out!

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