Mayor Winnecke Talks About Evansville’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the Extension of the State’s Stay-at-Home Order, Will the City Be Taking Additional Actions, Such as Imposing a Curfew?

“We would only consider a curfew if we found that there was a big problem after a certain hour at night,” Mayor Winnecke explained. “I’ve not gotten any reports from law enforcement that that’s an issue.”

“The biggest issue, the largest number of complaints that we get into our office by far, are for people going to buy supplies for their gardening,” the mayor continued. “People going to businesses for non-essential activity. I can’t tell you the number of complaints that come into our office about that.”

“If you can stay home – stay home. If you can work remotely – work remotely,” Mayor Winnecke advised.

“This is a time to stay home and practice social distancing and good hygiene so we can flatten the curve of this virus,” the mayor went on to say.

Will Public Access to Trails or Parks Be Limited in the Future?

“Being outside is fine as long as we’re practicing social distancing,” said Mayor Winnecke.

“We have taped off all the playground equipment for now, for the foreseeable future. We’ve gone through and removed all the basketball rims for all the basketball goals in the city parks, so we hope that will keep people away from the courts to play basketball,” the mayor explained.

“For the time being, the parks being open as a facility to go outdoors, if you’re 6 to 10 feet apart is fine,” said Mayor Winnecke.

Medical Supplies Are a Concern Nationally – What About Locally?

“I have a daily conference call with the hospitals and the health department and our emergency management agency,” Mayor Winnecke told 44News.

“What the hospitals tell me in terms of personal protective equipment, is they have a lot,” said the mayor. “They don’t know if it’s enough, but they have a lot.”

“I can tell you that they are doing their best to conserve to make sure they have as much equipment as possible,” the mayor went on to say.

Some States Have Been Hit Harder Than Indiana – Is There an Apex in Our Future?

“We want to flatten the curve,” Mayor Winnecke said.

“We’re going by what we’re hearing nationally. And that is that the next two weeks could be very dramatic,” Mayor Winnecke explained.

“Indiana is probably somewhere in that same timeframe, so we’ll continue to watch the numbers along with our county health department, our local healthcare providers and the state department of health,” said Mayor Winnecke.

What Can the Citizens of Evansville Do to Help?

“Stay home,” Mayor Winnecke advised. “People don’t need to be going to the grocery store to pick up one item.”

“Let your list accumulate as much as you can, make one trip. Have one member of the family go into a grocery store, drug store, convenience store – don’t bring the entire family in if you can avoid it,” the mayor continued.

“We really have to make sure that people are staying home as much as possible,” Mayor Winnecke said.

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