Matt Bevin’s Last Day in Office

On his final day in office, now-former Governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin held an emotional event for army veterans.

Bevin helped unveil the Missing Man Chair of Honor on Monday, which will sit inside the capitol rotunda.

the Missing Man Chair of Honor

Prior to the unveiling, he attended a ground-breaking ceremony for a memorial monument on the capitol grounds. Kentucky is the third state to put a gold star family memorial like this on their capitol grounds.

It’s set to be used to honor the sacrifices of Kentuckians and their families.

Bevin made his way to the capitol building for his final day in office and was greeted with applause, saying, “I’m grateful for the fact that I have been for the last four years, and it is evident by those of you that are all links in this chain, I have been the weakest link in the chain. And that is an extraordinary thing to be able to say. Because I have done everything in my power to not break, everything in my power to do well at what I was responsible for doing and you all to a person have been good or better at each of your respective responsibilities. What a wonderful chain that has been to be a part of.”




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