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Mark Holding a Newly Emerged Monarch Butterfly Off of Your Bucket List

Last month we introduced you to a hidden gem on the far north side of Evansville, where pretty petals and gorgeous greenery abound.

If you remember, “Hartman Arboretum” is host to not only several unique trees, trails and even a stumpery — they also play host to a monarch butterfly way-station!

Why is this a big deal?

The Monarch butterfly — once common across the United States — has been up for consideration for the Endangered List for several years.

Thanks to places like “Hartman Arboretum”, the Monarch is making a beautiful bounce-back.

They’re declining in numbers. And it’s an important insect to have for pollination, for use of just being beautiful.
They’re the only butterfly that makes a trip all the way to Mexico and then comes back. So it’s a real neat insect to study and to have as part of your program.

And last year, to celebrate the opening of the arboretum and the arrival of so many Monarch butterflies, Hartman Arboretum announced — and held — a Butterfly Day.

Which is exactly what it sounds like — but better!

Want to hold a Monarch butterfly in your hand, as it has freshly emerged from its chrysalis?

That’s not a real question…

We had some live Monarchs, we had some chrysalises, we had some Monarchs coming out of chrysalises that we could actually see the Monarch inside and see it come out. The kids could handle the Monarchs; the Monarchs are very tame when they first come out of the chrysalis. They had them on their hands, and then they would fly away! It was really exciting for them. We also had a lot of caterpillars. We had an array of Monarch caterpillars, Monarch butterflies for people to observe.

Make plans to hold a Monarch butterfly in your hands — damp from its chrysalis — at Hartman Arboretum this Saturday from 10 am until 2 pm.

It’s a free event — but as you can imagine — you need to make a reservation.

Make sure you tag me in the photos, so I can see how epic Butterfly Day was for you and the family.

And if you don’t have kids, butterflies make for a pretty romantic date, right?

Like what I do? See more on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville Channel.

And find that epic city calendar at The Best Day Ever Evansville.



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