Man Receives 85 Year Sentence for Motel Slaying

Ryan Connors has been sentenced 85 years in prison for the gruesome slaying inside an Evansville motel in January of 2017.

The incident occurred when Connors joined members of a North Carolina religious group while they were traveling across the Midwest.

Investigators say Connors murdered the group leader, Avery Scott Shoe, by stabbing him several times while the group was staying at a Motel 6 on U.S. 41. Another man, Henry Turner, tried to escape but was stabbed multiple times by Connors. Turner testified at trial that he survived the brutal attack by, “Laying on the floor as if he were dead.”

After stabbing Shoe and Turner, investigators say Connors stole a bag of money and the group’s van and fled to Lexington, Kentucky.  Hours later, Connors was arrested by law enforcement in Lexington and key pieces of evidence were recovered from the stolen van.

During the three-day trial, Evansville Police Crime Scene Detective Phil Luecke testified that this was the most gruesome murder scene he had processed in his career.

“The families of the victims in this case have endured unimaginable pain and anguish as a result of the actions taken by Ryan Connors,” explained Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann.  “Ryan Connors will now spend decades in prison and be held responsible for the lives he forward changed that night.  The incredible investigative work by Evansville Police Crime Scene Detective Phil Luecke and Detective Adam Will helped tremendously in this case.”

Connors will serve 55 years for murder and 30 years for attempted murder. The sentences are consecutive.



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