Man Who Allegedly Said He “Wanted to Die With All His Children” Arrested by EPD in Possession of Explosives

On Wednesday, March 25, officers with the Evansville Police Department (EPD) were dispatched to the 1800 block of Conlin Ave after a caller reported a resident stated that he wanted to die with all his children.

The caller told police that they were concerned with the resident’s health and mental state, and had information that he was in possession of an explosive from a former military friend, and that the explosive was located inside the Conlin Ave residence.

When officers arrived at the address, they made contact with the suspect, who was identified as Michael Phillip Anthony Meador, 38.

Meador was located in the driveway of the home, where he advised the officers he had “simulator explosives” in a backpack inside the home. They were described by him as “large fireworks.”

Once it was determined there was an explosive device in the home all the residents were taken out of the home and moved down the street.

The EPD Hazardous Device Unit (HDU) was called to the scene to investigate. HDU officers located the backpack and recovered four devices inside.

Meador advised HDU that his wife and three children recently drove to Florida for vacation. He said that he got into an argument with his wife and she left Florida and returned home to Colorado.

EPD says Meador then began driving back to Colorado. Meador stated he stopped at a military friend’s home in Georgia and his friend gave him the explosive devices.

Meador said he transported the devices from Georgia to Indiana in the bed of his truck, stopping in Evansville to visit his family with plans of continuing back to Colorado.

The devices located included three military-ordnance burst charges and one military-use smoke grenade.

Three military-ordnance burst charges and one military-use smoke grenade recovered by EPD Hazardous Device Unit

EPD says possession of these types of explosive devices pose a danger when not handled properly, are not generally found outside the military, as they’re illegal to possess across the country.

Meador was charged with Possession, Transportation, Delivery of a Destructive Device (L5) and booked into the Vanderburgh County Confinement Center.



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