Mammogram Bus Encourages Women to Undergo Regular Screenings for Breast Cancer

Ascension St. Vincent is taking its next step in helping encourage regular screenings for women’s health.

The Mobile Mammogram Unit based out of Evansville uses cutting-edge technology and a comfortable experience for women coming in for an exam.

Breast cancer is the second-highest form of cancer in Indiana and the second leading cause of death for women.  And survivors are encouraging women to take advantage of regular checkups.

St. Vincent patient Barbara Lavoy says, “I tell everybody when you’re due, take it. And if you feel anything, go-have it examined. Then maybe they wouldn’t have to go through as much as somebody that’s had to have even more treatments than I’ve had.”

Ascension St. Vincent says the mobile mammogram unit offers the same level of technology as what they have in house.

For more information about breast cancer, click here.



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