Madisonville Receives Discretionary Funds for Vital Resurfacing Work

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet awarded the City of Madisonville with $334,630 in discretionary funds for vital resurfacing work on 13 city streets. Resurfacing repairs address existing surface cracks, potholes, raveling, and base failures.

The investment supports Governor Matt Bevin’s commitment to prioritize transportation infrastructure projects and increase economic opportunity across the Commonwealth.

The City of Madisonville is responsible for administering the work, and KYTC will reimburse the city for the project.

The funding will resurface portions of the following roads:

  • Valley Road (CS1178)
  • Anne Road (CS 1213)
  • North Church Street (CS 1050)
  • North Madison Avenue (CS 1443)
  • Richmond Drive (CS 1208)
  • North Franklin (CS 1143)
  • West Broadway (CS 1100)
  • Hiawatha Drive (CS 1224)
  • South Church Street (CS 1439)
  • South/North Seminary (CS 1015)
  • Choctaw Driver (CS 1094)
  • Sugg Street (CS 1102)
  • Berry Drive (CS 1209)



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