Madisonville Police Grant Special Wish for “Junior Officer”

A little Kentucky girl facing some big challenges got a special surprise today, thanks to local officers she admires and hopes to join one day

44News is naming Madisonville Police Department as Hometown Heroes for going above and beyond the call of duty for little Laila Engel-Deppe.

Today, she saw that any dream is possible, and wishes do come true, as her city friends made her day a little more magical.

Madisonville Police Chief Chris Taylor gave Laila her official swearing in as a junior officer for the day, making her lifelong dream of being on the force a reality.

She joined the ranks of those she looks up to.

“They take away bad guys,” she explained as to why she wanted to become a police officer.

Laila’s life has come with its share of challenges for her and her family, as her mother explained:

“She has a rare form of epilepsy called LGS. She can have any type of seizure known to man. There’s no medications and no cures for it. We are just on trial basis of different medications and seeing which ones work best for her,” said her mom Rose.

That condition leaves Laila with sometimes up to 100 seizure episodes a day.

“There is challenges, there’s day to day. You don’t take days for granted. You just take them one day at a time,” her mother added.

But not this day. This day was all about her.

She received her official uniform shirt, and a belt–with room to grow.

“It’s important to show all kids that they can follow their dreams. Like laila who has a medical condition that the community supports her. We love here and would do anything for her,” stated Major Andy Rush with Madisonville Police.

For her first assignment? Straight to City Hall, where everyone there was eager to meet the new policewoman.

But the biggest surprise was waiting for her back at the station where princesses waited to share in the news that she would be traveling to Walt Disney World Resort, thanks to the Kids Wish Network.

But she had one thing left to say–

“Thank you, city!”

–as she and her sisters prepared for the next adventure: off to the Magic Kingdom, and the wonderful world of Disney.

Laila and her family will head to Orlando in August.

More about the Kids Wish Network and how children can have their wishes granted can be found here.



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