USS LST-325 Docks Downtown for 75th Anniversary of D-Day

It has been a cruise of a lifetime on the USS LST-325. Folks looking across the Ohio River will have a sight to see–a World War II transport. The LST 325 now on display in downtown Evansville.

The ship went underway with volunteers, veterans, and some who served on a ship just like this. For some of these men, the vessel is a page ripped from the history books–with echoes of the past lingering around every corner from the 1940s to Wednesday.

The LST is now docked in its more visible temporary home near the Tropicana. Wednesday was all about the ship, but it’s set to play a starring role in Thursday’s 75th commemoration of D-Day.

Click here for more information on D-Day events in Evansville.



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