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Local Musician Spreads Joy With Online Performances

The coronavirus has had a crippling impact on local artists here in our area leaving them to get more creative with their performances.

“For me time just flies by and this was, I was like ‘oh my gosh,’ I set my guitar down and it was two hours,” says Lindsey Williams, musician.

It’s a video with thousands of views.

Henderson musician, Lindsey Williams, performing from his his home on Facebook Live.

“I didn’t realize it would be as well received as it was,” says Williams.

The local artist, one of many here in the Tri-State, feeling the impact of Covid-19.

“Going from just ramping up the year and booking all these shows and booking all these private parties and birthdays and weddings,” says Williams. “Just like that it went poof within an instant and within a weeks time to finding out the severity of the outbreak. I had to stop and think I’m out of work. I’m unemployed now,” says Williams.

As an outlet, Williams decided to perform online.

“For the people that I got to see connect, I would be depressed right now to be honest, and it was the people that brought me in a really good place,” says Williams.

But little did he know the impact his video would have on those tuning in.

“People connected with their families,” says Williams. “I saw pictures of kids playing guitar. That’s powerful. That’s really, really powerful. This was bigger than me. I wasn’t just goofing around in my office. I was changing people’s attitudes.”

And for Lindsey, his musical gift will hopefully keep on giving.

“There is no better therapy than knowing that you did a good thing for someone else.”



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