Local Business Loses Air Conditioning to Thieves

A Tri-State business owner was burned by thieves after one of his air conditioning units was taken overnight.

Employees say they’re just trying to stay cool, while police track down the thieves.

The five-ton unit was taken from the business and Evansville Police are trying to figure out how they got away with it. A smaller unit is now bearing the load, serving as a replacement after the original A/C disappeared into thin air.

“You’re used to seeing air conditioner parts being stolen in residential areas,” reported Sgt. Jason Cullum of Evansville Police Department. “Specifically the copper. In this case the entire unit was stolen.”

In the early morning hours of May 29th, workers from Nunning’s HVAC were at this new Integrity Motors location. When they left, the unit was still in place. But around 8:00 AM when they returned, nothing was left but a concrete slab.

“Potentially it was planned,” Cullum added. “We do see construction sites targeted by burglars and thieves. People can just walk in whenever they want. They’ll come in and get items out.”

The air conditioning was neither hooked up nor locked up, but with no security footage, who might have done it remains a mystery.

“The air conditioners do have metals in them that can be stripped out and traded for cash. Taking an entire unit is something we don’t normally see. There’s a potential that somebody saw the unit and knew they could install it somewhere else for their own personal use, and that was the motivation behind the crime,” Cullum offered.

Thieves aren’t just targeting businesses, they are going after homeowners too. Across the country, one in every 235 homeowners files an A/C theft claim each year. According to the Insurance Information Institute, damages average nearly $4000 per paid claim.

To protect your unit, steel cages are available and help deter thieves.

Although the original unit taken was larger than the current, Evansville Police say it wouldn’t have taken anything more than two men to pack that into a truck and cart it off.



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