Lloyd Expressway Lane Restrictions Causing Traffic Concerns

People are likely to run into traffic on the Lloyd Expressway because of lane restrictions. The Lloyd may be down to a single lane on some parts, but some drivers are finding their own alternate routes.

“There is no way around it. There is no time to beat it anymore. Usually you have certain times that traffic gets really bad, but not. It’s like really bad all the time,” says Alyssa McIntyre who commutes on the Lloyd from Mt. Vernon.

Orange barrels and signs are guiding people through the maze of construction on the Lloyd Expressway. Some people take the Lloyd Expressway every day.

“I drive all the way on the east side and it is horrible, because it takes me about 25 minutes when it would originally take me about 10 if there was no traffic,” says Zane Conner who attends the University of Southern Indiana.

“I haven’t really done any alternate routes because the Lloyd is the fastest way to the other side of town.”

There are no alternate routes for the Lloyd because traffic is restricted not shut down completely. Leaving earlier is the only alternative some people have found.

“You have to add on about 20 minutes extra just because construction has everyone backed up,” says McIntyre.

“Some people are nice about it and will let people in,” says Conner.

“Some people just speed up and don’t let them in, but there are people who just drive like maniacs between all the traffic and everything so it’s very chaotic I would say especially in the traffic areas.”

Impatient drivers in traffic isn’t the only concern.

“When a semi is going you have no where to go because if you get over too far into your right then you’re going to hit another car. If you go too far over into your left then you might bash into oncoming traffic,” says McIntyre.

And if people drive to downtown Evansville they’ll see even more construction.

“Its not as bad as the Lloyd, but it’s still not as easy as it could be,” says Conner.

It took me more than 17 minutes to get from Green River Road to South Red Bank Road using the Lloyd.

InDOT says the roads need work and it’s also a sign that the area is progressing.



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