Those Living Near O.Z. Tyler Distillery Concerned About Fall Out and Health Issues

An Owensboro business owner, and some people who live nearby are at odds about what happened to one of the company’s warehouses and whether the incident is causing some lasting effects.

Right now they’re debating whether the building collapsed, or did it explode? Whatever the case people who live in the area say they’re concerned it’s causing some health problems while damaging their homes.

Some folks in one Owensboro neighborhood told 44News reporter Amanda Porter that O.Z. Tyler distillery has not been a good neighbor. They say the business has brought more than the product it makes. They claim that something is oozing from O.Z. Tyler warehouses creating health concerns, and more.

“I know we are poor people and they are millionaires, but you know why let poor people have to live like this in filth because of a millionaire moved in over there and we’ve been here for years,” says Owensboro resident Bubby Dennis.

He doesn’t mince words when it comes to the O.Z. Tyler distillery. The company is demolishing one if its warehouses leading to some road closures. Though an inconvenience, that’s the least of residents concerns. One business owner along Ewing road says the neighborhood is dealing with more serious issues.

“You have to go around blocks, and it’s not fair all because it exploded. That didn’t cave in, that exploded,” says owensboro resident Anneta Francis.

“1 o clock in the morning. It wasn’t storming. We came outside there was nothing there.”

“The only thing I’m worried about is not just the homes,” says Owensboro resident Boyle.

“What is it doing to the people that is breathing it?”

Neighbors were the first to notice a problem.

“When I first started seeing it coming on I called O.Z. Tyler, and talked to them about it,” says Boyle.

“I said it is coming off of these rick houses over here. I said its called mold.”

People say since O.Z. Tyler’s distillery opened everything has turned a menacing dark color.

“I’ve got mold showing up in my home. And I have two children,” says Francis.

Boyle says, “In the last year I’ve been on anti-bionics about 20 times because of sinuses and stuff, and I’m wondering if this has got anything to do with it. Well right now I am going to the doctor’s to find out and if I do then they are going to know about it.”

Cars, car ports, mail boxes, toys, newly built homes, neighbors say are turning black within months. They say because the distillery is so close, basically anything left outside or living near the warehouses are impacted.

“Either they are going to do something, or this whole block is going to do something. It acts like to me and maybe i am speaking a little too quickly that they want to run this block down so they can buy it out. And that isn’t going to happen,” says Boyle.

“There are too many people that own too many houses on this block to sell out.”

Most in the neighborhood say they want it cleaned up.

“They told us they would pressure wash everything, but nothing has been done yet,” says Francis.

Dennis says, “I would like it shut down completely it don’t need to be here. It needs to be out on its own somewhere so filth wont get around.”

O.Z. Tyler says they are working with state and local officials, and representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency. They say they will transfer unaffected barrels to a warehouse and dispose of the damaged barrels per government protocol.

Roads near the distillery will be closed for the warehouses demolition which could last for nearly a month.



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