Lesson of Labor Backfires on Business Owner

Comic book and video game store owner, Jeff Osborne, says he made it his mission to give kids something constructive to do this summer.

“I put out a post inviting neighborhood kids to come in and hey let’s learn a little bit and you know not necessarily work,” says Osborne. “I don’t think anything we really do here is work.” He offered neighborhood kids to help out around his store and would give them free video game time and store credit.

“A nine-year-old answered the call. His parents came in and they’re regulars of the store. They were highly supportive of him doing something other than sitting all day and playing video games,” says Osborne. This 9-year-old started riding his bike to Secret Headquarters and helped out for a couple of hours when he could.

“I made a funny post,” says Osborne. “I said he’s working like he has two house payments and six kids in college and the kid really works hard.” That Facebook post got a lot of attention, and even raising a couple of eyebrows. The next day, the Indiana Department of Labor was knocking on his door.

Now the 9-year-old who was helping out around Secret Headquarters can’t anymore.

“Apparently his parents broke the news to him and he cried. It makes me want to cry,” says Osborne.

The kid’s mom even posted on social media saying he is counting down the days until he turns 14.

Osborne says his helper can come back in 5 years after he gets a work permit.



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