Lawmakers Seeking to Ban E-Cigarettes in Illinois

Illinois lawmakers are considering banning most vapor flavored e-cigarettes except menthol. Gov. J.B. Pritzker said he supports banning flavored vaping products, which critics contend are marketed toward children.

New York and Michigan have already approved bans on flavored products.

Vape user Andrea Bearden says, “I mean, is this really the route we want to take? Is this where we went to hit this thing at, let’s maybe reroute it and look at it and maybe target the black market people instead of the U.S. consumer.”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that over 500 people throughout the country has been diagnosed with vaping-related breathing illnesses. Eight deaths have been reported, including one in Illinois.

Doctors say the illnesses directly affects the lungs, but a cause has yet to be determined.

Illinois lawmakers fall session starts late next month.

Teenage students who have studied the issue are expected to testify Monday morning at a hearing on vaping in Chicago.



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