Lawmakers Push for Safer Military Training

Congress is pressing the Pentagon to make military training safer after a series of deadly incidents

Michael McDowell says, “This is an endemic problem and every week or every month more young people are dying in the rollovers.   We’re not trying to lower readiness or preparedness, but we’ve got to lower these deaths they’re devastating to families.”

This comes as a new report sheds light on the dangers surrounding military procedures.  In October, the Government Accountability Office and the investigative arm of congress initiated a wide-ranging study of safety standards during training in both the army and marines with a focus on vehicle rollovers.

It shows in 2019 at least 15 Marine Corps and army soldiers were killed in vehicle training accidents.

Cary Russell is leading that team along with Democratic Congressman John Garamendi who called for the GAO to investigate the accidents.

“It’s not enough to say don’t do it, you have to follow-up and make sure it gets done,” Garamendi says.  “Make sure the military knows that we’re watching. Making sure that they know that we’re not just letting this go.

The Marine Corps and the army are cooperating with the investigation.  Both say this is a top priority for their division as the loss of a soldier is a heartfelt concern for army leaders at all levels.

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