Law Will Allow Concealed Carry Without a Permit

Soon Senate Bill 150 is going into effect. The law will allow Kentuckians to carry and conceal firearms without needing a permit.

Some gun experts say getting rid of a mandatory concealed carry permit probably will not make a significant impact when it comes to gun safety.

“The conceal carry class is an eight-hour class that they do teach some firearm safety, but I don’t know in that eight-hour class if you’re actually getting to be safe with a gun if you don’t have previous experience,” says Chris Miller, owner of Frank Miller & Son.

It is already legal to open carry in Kentucky without a permit. You just have to be 21 years old or older and you must be able to pass a background check when purchasing a gun.

“There are places that won’t allow you to carry,” says Miller. “Anyone would be able to carry one that’s allowed to own a firearm.”

Some say getting rid of concealed carry permits could put a strain on law enforcement.

“It might make it hard on police officers because if they pull somebody over now if they have a concealed carry permit, they know it as soon as they run their license plate. It shows up on the record that you have one,” says gun owner, Bill Reynolds.

Another fear is having guns fall into the wrong hands. Sometimes gun sales are done outside of a firearm store, but even gun store owners say to protect yourself and have a background check on the buyer.

“We can do the background check for you. We can show it in our books as like we are taking possession of the gun and then actually do the paperwork and background check on whoever is getting it.”

Opting to carry a concealed weapon without a permit could complicate traveling since only 14 other states allow permitless carry.



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