Largest US Transportation Accident Since 2009

Twenty people are dead after a limousine failed to stop at an intersection in upstate New York Saturday.

The limo was on its way to a Birthday Party when it crashed in the town of Schoharie. Striking and killing 2 pedestrians, right near a store popular with tourists, Apple Barrel. The store’s owner says accidents have become more common in the area.

Linda Riley, the store owner explained where she was when the crash happened, “I was in the driver’s seat. My sister was exiting on the passenger side, and we heard an explosion which I know now was the car crash, and these trees just all swayed and you just heard the ‘swoosh’ and we just got out of the car as fast as we could because we thought there was a tree falling down, an explosion, we didn’t know what it was.”

The National Transportation Safety Board has been brought in to investigate. NTSB Board Chairman Robert Sumwalt said it was the biggest U.S. transportation accident since 2009.



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