KSP Increases Patrols Near School Zones

You may have seen Kentucky State Police cars sitting in school zones across the area these last few weeks but they’re not out there to write tickets.

Since the start of the school year means sharing the road with buses and even more drivers KSP is hoping visibility will get people used to slow down in school zones.

It’s a natural instinct for drivers to slow down when they see a police vehicle but they also hope their presence will get people talking warning others that troopers are watching.

Trooper Corey King says, “School zone speeding has a zero-tolerance to it. Regardless of what your speed maybe, that fine will be doubled. If you are cited for speeding in a school zone during those peak hours, which is early in the morning and the afternoon when school gets out.”

Troopers will be sitting in different school zones throughout the rest of the week when they’re not on priority calls.



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