KSP Continues Search for Escaped Inmates

Police are stepping up their search for an inmate who’s been on the run for 10 days.

“It’s been more than ten days since that inmate walked out of a back door while working a recycling job. Authorities are still trying to track him down.”

“At this point, he could be anywhere in Kentucky, he could be anywhere in the united states,” says Kentucky State Trooper Rob Austin.

Bennie Britt Jr., 26, walked off from his community service work program and he isn’t believed to be alone.  Investigators say there was a car down the street waiting on him- an escape plan he made over the phone prior to breaking free.

“Britt had ties. He was originally from the Louisville area, which there is a lot of people living in the Louisville area,” says Tpr. Austin.

The Kentucky Department of Corrections classified Britt as a low threat offender, but police say due to the nature of his original charges–keep your distance if you see him.

“There is reason to believe that he could be armed and dangerous,” says Tpr. Austin.

He was booked into the Hopkins County Jail on drug and firearm charges. Once he’s caught, he will be facing a class d felony and won’t be put back on work release.

“Anytime anyone escapes from custody. There’s always a level of desperation and when you get someone that’s desperate and feels like they are in a corner, you never know what they are going to do,” added Tpr. Austin.

Even though the wanted felon has been on the loose for well over a week KSP says this isn’t the longest an inmate has been missing in the Tri-State.

They are still searching for 19-year-old Jaquavius Whitlock of Hopkinsville who escaped from the Christian County Detention Center more than a month ago.

“The judge had granted him furlough to go to the doctor and on his way back he jumped out of a vehicle and took off,” says Austin.

If you see Whitlock or Britt keep in mind: they may be willing to do anything to protect their freedom.

“Their freedom is their main priority,” says Tpr. Austin.



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