Kroger Recalling Berries and Beef

Kroger is recalling frozen berries and cuts of beef.

The “Private Selection” frozen berries are being recalled by the FDA for possible Hepatitis A contamination.

The recall includes:

  • Private Selection Triple Berry Medley, 48 oz bags with a Best By Date of 7/07/20.  UPC: 0001111079120
  • Private Selection Triple Berry Medley, 16 oz bags with a Best By Date of 6/19/20. UPC: 0001111087808
  • Private Selection Blackberries, 16 oz bages with a Best By Date of 7/02/20. UPC: 0001111087809

The “Private Selection” labeled berries were manufactured by Townsend Farms.

Kroger is also recalling cuts of bone-in ribeye steaks, boneless ribeye steaks, and in-store produced ground beef due to a potiential E. Coli contamination.

The hamburger will be under one of two Kroger labels: “Beef Ground ST FP” or “Beef Ground ST 1#.”

All of the recalled beef will have dates between April 23rd and June 7th of this year. Kroger is reminding customers to check the freezer for any contaminated beef which may have been frozen.

There have been no reported cases of people getting sick from either the recalled berries or beef.



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