Kidney Donors and Recipients Meet for the First Time

It’s a rare sight in Illinois as Kidney donors and recipients met in Chicago after participating in a rare organ transplant chain.

Surgeons at Northwestern Memorial Hospital were recognized after completing a transplant chain between 10 people. The five pairs become possible when two sisters decided to donate their kidneys in honor of their father who died from kidney failure.

Donors became overwhelmed as they realized these two sisters decided to help eight other people.

“Overwhelming, but it’s so cool to see how one person, in this case two wonderful people, making a selfless decision to donate can affect so many people and it’s not done yet,” said Melanie Mavec, kidney recipient.

Before meeting, each pair was anonymous, meaning the one donating the kidney on behalf of the person in need had no idea to whom their kidney would go. Likewise, recipients did not know their actual donor.



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