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Your Kid Can Become a MasterChef!

Think creative, confident chefs are born that way?

One special cooking class promises to teach–your kid–how to be a “Master Chef”…

But this class isn’t just about the challenge.

Even if your kid loves to cook and begs to take a class, when you say the word” knife skills”, “food safety” and “cooking techniques, they’re no longer interested.

But they need to know these things…you love their little fingers…

And you don’t want your Mother’s Day breakfast to blow up your microwave.

Or give you salmonella.

(Both true stories).

Meet April Boeke.

Knife safety and proper food handling…were never so fun!

Chef April Boeke zooms through the parts you think will be boring (anything with the word “safety”) and the kids soak up the information and their confidence suddenly starts to spark!

Doing this class the way we do it is very non-traditional to a typical class. Usually a class is 18 adults, or 18 kids, sitting here around the table watching me or a chef instruct and cook for them, and then they eat.
This class is very hands on, so the kids actually get to come back here, they have to learn to wash their hands, they have to learn how to handle a knife.
They actually learn to work with fire and work with knives and work with ingredients. They get to get back there and fully cook it.
I think this is important because it not only teaches them how to cook, how to eat.
It teaches them that frozen chicken nuggets, and I have that at my house, but frozen chicken nuggets and hot dogs and whatever although those are good, it teaches them to cook a little bit healthier and a little bit better options that gives them an alternative to just frozen stuff when you know when they need to feed their self quickly.

Improve cooking skills, and confidence in the kitchen (they won’t kill anyone, cut off a thumb, or give you salmonella) and self esteem in general, when your kid is creatively challenged and inspired to do their own thing at the same time.

Thyme in the Kitchen offers Master Chef Junior and Teen classes.

When you get the kids registered, tell the crew there that you saw it here on 44News, and let me know how much they enjoyed themselves!

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