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Kentucky Schools Crack Down on Vaping and E-Cigarettes

Although vaping is a huge issue among young people there have been no incidents of students vaping at several Kentucky schools since kids went back.

That’s according to Henderson County, Daviess County, and Owensboro Public School officials. Many schools have been trying to be proactive and get ahead of the issue starting the crackdown on vaping at the end of last year.

Parents and students were given information about the dangers of vaping, what to look out for, and the consequences students will face if they break the rules.

Jared Revlett says, “In the student handbook this year we really wanted to let students know there will be a penalty for doing this. Whether it be spending some time in the in house suspension or whether it be getting put in a different program for several days.”

Henderson County High School is also planning fall parent nights to provide more tips on vaping prevention throughout the school year.



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