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Kentucky Pools Open at 50% Capacity

Families in the Bluegrass State rushed to their public pools as they opened at 50 percent capacity Monday, June 29th.

And it’s a blessing for many people needing some refuge from quarantine boredom, like cousins Elizabeth and Alexis Thompson.

“I think it’s a pretty cool experience for someone who doesn’t have a private pool to swim in on their own time,” Elizabeth Thompson said. “They can always just come to the Combest Pool and enjoy the weather and enjoy the water.”

Now, some Kentucky public pools like the Atkinson pool in Henderson, decided not to open due to concerns with a shortened swim season and staffing issues.

While others like the Madisonville City Pool and the Combest Pool in Owensboro decided to open back up — knowing it was worth it for their respective communities.

“The kids need something else to do — they’re all all stuck in the house,” said Combest Pool lifeguard Kianna Sandefur. “They can’t go out. Everything’s finally opening back up like the parks are opening today, the pools are opening today, it’s just kind of a big day for the kids to come out and have fun.”

Patrons will also need to follow new safety rules, including social distancing and coming already dressed in their swimsuits, with dressing rooms closed.

“They’re keeping us safe and trying to keep the spread of Covid-19 down,” Alexis Thompson said. “So, it’s them looking out for us.”

And from little kids cooling down, to lifeguards happy to work this summer —— opening day has certainly made a big splash.

“I love this job and I was super excited to come back again this year,” Sandefur said.

While there isn’t a set end date for the pool season just yet, officials tell us it should last until early August.



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