Kentucky Pools Cautiously Prepare to Reopen Monday

On the heels of the Mount Vernon pool closing Wednesday after an employee tested positive for Covid-19, Kentucky pools planning to open Monday are preparing for the worst-case scenario. 

For the Combest Pool in Owensboro, is would be to also shut down. 

“And then quarantine the staff because obviously they’ve all been together and around each other,” said Combest Pool manager Jennifer Hodges. “If that were to happen we would make sure we’d take care of the staff and do what is supposed to be done.”

And they’re already being vigilant when it comes to keeping their staff safe. 

“They have to have their temperature taken when they get here,” Hodges said. “They can do that at home if wish. But we do have a thermometer here. And then we’ll ask them the basic symptoms of COVID — ‘do you have this, that.’ And that’s just our ritual every day when you report to work.”

It’s also been a rush for all of the pool workers to get it open safely and up to CDC standards in time.

“It’s about a three-week process yes, and we’re doing it in a little bit over a week,” Hodges said.

And with only 50% capacity allowed in — they’ve had to make some other safety changes. 

“We are going to be putting the decals down like for the lines at the concession, the lines to come in to pay,” Hodges said. “Even at the slide, we’ll have those six-foot markings.”

Patrons will also have to be more proactive about packing if they want to enjoy the pool. 

“We also are going to ask patrons — that they’re welcome to bring their own chair or lounge chairs,” Hodges said. “And also to come dressed already in your swim attire, because we are going to actually close the dressing room areas in both of the restrooms.”

The Combest Pool opens at noon on Monday, June 29, and the Madisonville City Pool is also scheduled to open that day.



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