Kentucky Legislatures Divided Over Special Session

Friday’s special session for Kentucky lawmakers only lasted a couple hours and there’s already a dispute with emergency pension bill.

House democrats complaining the proclamation Gov. Matt Bevin issued to call the session is too narrow. They say the wording is so restrictive that lawmakers can really only considering his pension proposal.

House minority leader Rocky Adkins says Bevin’s move threatens the independence of the legislature.

“I think the governor’s attempt to narrow the call to try and restrict the debate on a very important issue,” said Rep. Adkins, “where there’s been a tremendous amount of work that has taken place, I do believe it challenges separation of powers. I believe it challenges the independence of this body.”

However, house speaker David Osborne disagrees.

“Certainly, it is the governor’s prerogative,” said Rep. Osborne. “It is a very narrow call but it is his prerogative to do so and I believe section 80 of the [Kentucky] constitution gives him that ability.

As for the day’s business, three bills were filled that would help regional universities and more than 100 agencies that are facing a crippling increase in their pension payments. All three will be heard in committee.

After one hour the house adjourned. Lawmakers will return at noon on Thursday.



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