Kentucky Family Recovering After Major Hit-and-Run Crash

A Kentucky family remains in the hospital, healing from major injuries after being struck by a semi, which later left the scene.

The accident left family members with major spinal injuries, and the semi driver said to be involved still on the road.

“I’m angry. I’m very, very angry. I don’t know how they could sleep at night, knowing they could’ve killed somebody.”

Katina Covington told us her family members were driving down I-69 Sunday night when the world turned upside down.

“They went over some trees, flipped from what we can tell, and landed on the top of the vehicle. Landed first,” she explained.

The major wreck left their car totaled, and her brother Eric, his wife Tonya and their son Donovan trapped inside.

“Several of my units responded. It was reported as a semi-tractor trailer that was involved with another vehicle. The other was overturned,” said Hopkins County Sheriff Matt Sanderson.

But the sheriff adds that after the car was hit by a semi, sending groceries and glass flying, the driver kept going.

“He knows something happened. There’s gotta be damage to that truck. There has to be,” Katina offered.

That accident sent the family to the hospital, and left both Eric and Donovan with major spinal injuries.

But while they continue to recover physically, and police continue their hunt for the trucker–

“Dawson Springs Police Department which is close by, they also assisted, and got on the interstate, and went southbound to try and locate that tractor trailer, hoping it had pulled over somewhere down the road,” Sheriff Sanderson added.

–mental and emotional healing for the family has also proven difficult, knowing the driver is still out there.

“If you’ve seen anything, please, just tell somebody. Just come forward and let somebody know, so that we can find this driver of this truck and get some justice for my brother and his family,” Katina pleaded.

The family is still facing major recovery obstacles nearly a week later. You can help with the family’s recovery here.



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