Kentucky Bill Aims to Bring Medical Marijuana to the Bluegrass State

It’s been a widely contested debate for decades – marijuana in the Bluegrass.

On Wednesday, a Kentucky Senate committee voted to begin the process to allow medical marijuana in the Commonwealth.

Kentucky House Bill 136 has been co-sponsored by 50 other representatives.

Even though HB 136 passed the Kentucky House Judiciary Committee with a 17 to 1 vote on Wednesday, if medical marijuana comes to Kentucky, consumers will not be able to smoke it.

State Representative Jason Nemes, R-District 33, said he has made changes to House Bill 136 in an effort to improve its chances of passing. One of the changes that was made, is the bill’s “no-smoking” provision, which means medical marijuana users won’t be able to light up if the legislation is signed into law.

Though the bill would still prohibit the smoking of marijuana, it would allow other forms of consumption such as edibles and oils.

Medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivators and distributors would all be overseen by the Kentucky State Department for Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis Control.

In a poll conducted by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, 9 out of 10 Kentuckians support marijuana in any form.

At this point in time, the medical use of cannabis is already legal in 33 U.S. states.

You can view Kentucky House Bill 136 in full here.



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