Keep Rolling Campaign Featured in Rotary Santa 5K

“I know that he left an impact and I must continue that so that’s why I do it everyday,” said DeAndre Wilson.

Santa costumes — and beards alike — hundreds turned out for the sixth annual Rotary Santa 5K. Many were looking to run or walk — and enjoy a beautiful December morning.

But for DeAndre Wilson the 5K–meant something more.

With a message of awareness and perseverance, Wilson rolls a 230 pound tire and written on the wheel “cancer sucks.’

He says his father rolled the tire during the final days of his life just before he lost his battle with stage four liver colon cancer.

“The tire sat in the garage one night and I got it out, I was tired of being overweight and just upset,” said Wilson.

After building up confidence and muscle strength, Wilson decided to get his message out.

“Once that happened – probably about my third month of doing it consistently I took off and then went into the neighborhoods and community to share my story,” he said.

The tire is now a symbol of hope and will be included in an upcoming documentary featuring Wilson’s life story.

“The entire documentary is a process of the keep rolling campaign,” Wilson said.

For many including Wilson – the 5K was about giving back – and looking ahead.

“I offer some support and some resources and ill do the best I can, I am not a specialist by any means but I am there to support them so the community has definitely embraced me.”

$20,000 from Saturday’s 5K run will go towards Easterseals – a nonprofit providing disability services.

Wilson says he plans on releasing his documentary by May.



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