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Keep the Fin-Filled Fright of Shark Week Alive: 47 Meters Down Uncaged

Attention thriller cinephiles…just in time to keep the fin-filled fright of Shark Week alive — Entertainment Studios releases 47 meters down uncaged — a sequel to 20-17’s 47 meters down.

If you missed the original, catch it on Netflix or Amazon Prime before you head out to the theater.

Empire Online called it, “…a fiendishly effective holiday-gone-wrong thriller” and The New York Times said, “…Johannes Roberts, concentrates on building a solid atmosphere of desperation”.

High praise for a shark flick!

And early reviewers say this second installment will fill that primal predatory need for a horrific thrill ride!

Opening today, the film follows the story of four teen girls diving in a ruined underwater city, who quickly find themselves in a watery terror as their fun outing turns into heart-stopping fear when they learn they are not alone in the submerged caves.

The few reviews that are out there basically agree that it provides plenty of scares…The Guardian calls the claustrophobic cave drama, “brisk” and “brutal”.

Let’s see for ourselves.

Critics say it’s “The Descent” meets “Sanctum” but with screechy teens, and it’s this added jeopardy that prevents it from becoming yet another shark movie.

47 Meters Down Uncaged opens in theaters today!

In fact, most Showplace Cinemas in the Tri-State have it showing right before noon.

Get there in time for the trailers, but maybe forget the popcorn…with all the shark scares, it’ll probably just end up in your lap, or on your neighbor.

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