Jefferson Co. Judge Finds Kentucky Speed Limits Unconstitutional

A Jefferson County judge believes the state’s speed limit is unconstitutional.

A man heading down Interstate 71 last October was clocked at 93 miles per hour in an area with a posted speed limit of 65. But after being cited the Greensburg Kentucky man’s attorney fought the citation saying Kentucky’s speeding laws are convoluted and unclear.

That argument convinced a Jefferson County judge to rule that three major sections of the state law are indeed vague and unconstitutional.

The ruling may cause drivers, legislators, and state officials to slam on their brakes. It found speed limit signs aren’t even mentioned in Kentucky’s speeding law. In many cases, those signs conflict with the law anyway.

Murphy and Associates, PLC Greg Simms says, “If this stands it’s a very real possibility that you could be traveling 90 miles per hour on I-71 as long as you are with the flow of traffic and that be perfectly legal conduct.

Simms says this would be a very easy fix if legislators were to re-work some of the languages inside the statue.

State law says interstate highways like I-71 must have a speed limit of 65 miles per hour unless the state’s transportation secretary issues an official order to raise or lower it.

A local government can also set limits through an ordinance.



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