Jasper’s Doubles Team Ready to Compete in First State Tournament

Jasper is sending a doubles team to the Individual State Tennis Tournament. Andrew Garcia caught up with the Wildcat tandem before they compete in Indianapolis.

A straight set win over Bloomington North last weekend punched a ticket to the state tournament for the Jasper doubles tandem of Josie Yarbrough and Suchi Bandaru.

“With our schedule we actually get around the state a lot so the opponents we played this weekend we were actually pretty familiar with and played well,” said Head Coach Scott Yarbrough.

“We just knew to go out there and get a really strong lead and that’s what we did,” said Jasper Sophomore Josie Yarbrough. “So that match we felt really confident about. And the second one we knew was going to be a little bit of a battle and it was long. We had some long games and points but we knew we had to stick with it and use our strategies to our advantage.”

The win served as vindication for Bandaru who started the season with an injury.

“In the beginning of the year when we started conditioning I actually sprained my hip and my back,” said Jasper Junior Suchi Bandaru. “So I was kind of out for about a month in the beginning of the season so it was kind of hard just watching everyone practice and sitting there. So I was really eager to go on the court and when I was able to play doubles, I was really happy about that. Being able to play with Josie was a lot of fun. To be able to go to state and play for our team and play for Jasper, it’s really exciting and I still don’t think it has really set in yet.”

The two have been longtime friends off the court and that has played to their advantage despite this being their first year playing together as a doubles team.

“It is really nice because we already know each other’s strategies and how we play, so when we’re playing together it’s like old times almost. We know what we want to do. We know each other and what we’re going to do with the ball so it’s really good to play with her.”

“It is really exciting, we were really thankful we did get the opportunity to play together because we never thought we would,” said Yarbrough. “We’ve been playing together ever since we were younger in like other tournaments. But we never thought playing together in high school was ever going to be possible and this year we did and we were really excited because we are comfortable with each other and we know our playing styles so it was really easy for us to start playing together this season. We were really thankful this season because we don’t know if next season we will play together but we’re just going to take this as far as we can and see how this goes.”



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