Jasper Police Warn About Active Scam Alert

The Jasper Police Department is warning about an active scam alert using the identity of Father Ray Brenner.

The scam was discovered around 7 p.m. on Wednesday and is being worked through email and text messaging.

The scam is using the headline, “Many Blessings” are being sent from the email address This is not Father Ray’s email address, according to police.

The message reads: “Hello. How are you? I need a favor from you. Email me back when you get this message. Many Blessings. Sent from my iPhone.”

If you respond, a message will be sent back to you asking to please get $300 in gift cards. Once they are obtained, individuals are asked to scratch the back to expose the card’s number, photograph it and forward it through the email or text message.

Again, Jasper police say this is not Father Ray, but a scam.

One of the concerns the Jasper Police Department fears is with Father Ray’s status as a trusted member of the community, people receiving the email will not question or hesitate to send the numbers after purchasing a gift card.

If anyone has received an email or text and forwarded photos or cards, they are asked to stop by the Jasper Police Department to file a report.



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