ISP Find Couple’s Drug Lab in Hidden Room of Home

Indiana State Police say a couple was making steroids in a hidden room of a Lawrenceburg home.

State Police started an investigation into the couple in February, after officers were able to intercept a package containing chemicals used to make steroids.

The package was supposed to go to Cincinnati, Ohio before eventually making it to the home of 35-year-old Nicholas Gilbertson and 34-year-old Cori Gilbertson in nearby Lawrenceburg.

During a search of the couples home in March, police found a hidden room behind a bookcase.

According to police, the room contained a sophisticated steroid manufacturing operation and chemicals associated with the production of steroids.

Investigators also found 25,000 pills that were ready to be sold.

After further investigation, police say the couple was selling $80,000 worth of steroids per month.

Police arrested Nicholas and Cori Gilbertson on Monday on numerous charges related to the production and sale of a controlled substance.



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