Investigators: Intruder on the Loose

What started off as a typical and relaxing Saturday afternoon for Markiese Bingham and his wife quickly took a chilling turn.

“When they arrived at home, they discovered that their garage door was open and they knew they had left the garage door closed so they were alerted to something unusual going on,” says Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy, Colonel Noah Robinson.

Luckily, his kids weren’t with them.

Bingham says he told his wife to wait in the car while he was checking out the house. When he walked inside to find all of their doors had been opened, he knew someone broke in. Although, he just hoped the potential intruders weren’t planning to stick around.

“I called my wife because she was outside in the driveway by herself to make sure she’s okay,” says Bingham. “I told her to pull around to the garage when I hear my back door open.” That’s when the intruder was seen walking out of the garage.

Bingham says he didn’t want to kill the intruder, but he wasn’t going to let a potential burglar get away easily- even though the intruder was trying to walk away.

“I can’t see his hands so I don’t know what’s in his hands,” says Bingham. “So I take a shot to get his attention. He runs. I lose track of him.”

Then terror set in. Bingham says was hoping the unwelcome guest wasn’t going to attack his wife. Thankfully the stranger didn’t try to harm her.

Aside from being shaken up, everyone is okay.

“Do not leave her alone in the house is what she says,” says Bingham.

Even though the intruder is still on the loose, Bingham doesn’t anticipate another surprise visit.

“I don’t think you get shot at by a 45 and then come back. He can if he wants to, but I wouldn’t suggest it because I have more guns,” says Bingham.

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office tells 44News, Bingham was legally carrying a gun and his right to use deadly force to protect his property is backed by Indiana’s “Stand Your Ground” law, even though the intruder did not seem to be armed.

“The law doesn’t ask you to discern what this individual’s intent is. If he’s inside your home and it’s obvious he’s inside your home without your permission. The law grants you to use deadly force without having to make those split-second calculations,” says Colonel Robinson.



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