Indianapolis Based PAC Holds Event In Evansville

The 10|100 committee is a new nonpartisan political action committee with a bold mission. They want to help put more people of color into elected office both in the Hoosier State and nationwide.

They held their first event in Evansville on Monday, and committee members are hopeful they were able to energize young political hopefuls. They wanted to accomplish this by inviting down one of the few people of color in the Indiana Statehouse, Eddie Melton, to be the keynote speaker.

Melton spoke about the American dream and his time in office. He wanted to inspire the youth to follow their dreams. He shared a story where he was told to wait before he ran, and after praying on the decision, he decided to make an Indiana State Senate run.

For more information on the 10|100 committee you can visit their website here.



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