Indiana Receives Over $1 Million to Improve Public Safety

Indiana is the recipient of a public safety grant totaling $1,403,842.  The funds, announced Wednesday by the Department of Justice and United States Attorney Josh Minkler, will support crime-fighting efforts in the Southern District of Indiana.

The funds also support the quarter-billion-dollar Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grants Program, which funds public safety efforts in 929 state, local and tribal jurisdictions.

Funding also supports sex offender registration and notification, law enforcement-based victim services, the testing of sexual assault kits, and programs designed to address youth with sexual behavioral problems.

Other awards will focus on wrongful convictions, intellectual property enforcement, innovative prosecution strategies and the safety and effectiveness of corrections systems.

The BJA grant will provide resources to the city of Indianapolis to address sexual assault kits not submitted to a forensic laboratory for testing, improve investigation and prosecution in connection with evidence and cases, and provide sites with resources to collect DNA samples.




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