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Indiana Farmers Making Safety Changes for Summer Markets

Indiana farmers markets are opening later than usual this summer, with the delay being blamed on concerns about crowd sizes.

One vegetable farmer of thirty years, Bud Vogt, says while sanitization is always a priority at Bud’s Farm Market in Evansville, the pandemic has him adding extra safety regulations.

“We’ll only have one person at the stand at a time,” he said. “We have to sanitize our hands between each customer.”

Another new rule: If you touch it, you buy it.

“There are other people that like to come out and touch and smell,” Vogt said. “And that’s going to be a no-no.”

Other farmers waiting for their regular markets to open — are trying new ways to sustain revenue by going virtual.

“The Evansville Market Wagon online is one location for statewide service,” said Mary Winstead, co-owner of Beautiful Edibles Grow in Newburgh. “So, it operates like a farmers market, but online. So, people can sign in, register, order from lots of different farmers. And then it’s delivered to their house.”

And it’s an essential way to recoup losses for some farmers hit hard by the pandemic.

“When the restaurants were shut down,” Winstead said. “We were done as far as restaurant sales.”

Thankfully, customers are eager to buy fresh produce again.

“People were just very happy to see that we’re going ahead with our scheduled season,” Vogt said.

The Warrick County Farmers Market kicks-off in Boonville on June 20th, with the Newburgh Farmers Market starting July 4th. Next week, Evansville’s Market on Main starts on June 3rd.



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