Indiana Bill Would Allow Euthanasia of Terminally Ill

A new Indiana bill has been filed which would allow terminally ill patients to request medication that they could self-administer in order to end their own lives.

House Bill 1020 was filed by Democratic District 61 Representative Matt Pierce on Tuesday.

The bill defines terminal illness as an incurable and irreversible illness that will, within reasonable medical judgment, result in death within six months, also specifying the requirements that a physician must meet in order to prescribe the medication to a patient.

Looking further into House Bill 1020 shows that after a patient makes a written request to receive said medication, they must then wait until a 15-day waiting period passes, afterward affirming their request for the medication once again.

After the bills first reading on January 7, it was referred to the Committee on Public Health.

If House Bill 1020 passes, it would go into effect July 1, 2020.

You can view House Bill 1020 in full by clicking here.



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