Improving the Traffic Flow on the Lloyd

100,000 cars travel down the Lloyd Expressway each day and that number is expected to grow.

Some intersections along the Lloyd get pretty congested. One of those intersections is Rosenberger Avenue, where many drivers find themselves doing the same thing, “Just sitting and waiting,” says Don Counts, who drives through this intersection often.

There are some tentative plans to improve traffic flow on the Lloyd, especially as the tri-state grows.

“And they also improve safety. You don’t have all of these cars turning at one location. You don’t have a light, you don’t have as much conflict point for right-angle crashes, even sideswipe crashes. These are amazing safety improvements as well as mobility improvements,” says Jason Tiller, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) Communications Director.

That means changes could be made to the turn lanes at Vann Avenue, Burkhardt Road, Cross Pointe Boulevard, St. Joseph, and Rosenberger Avenue. These roads were the focus of the Lloyd Expressway Corridor study which was conducted by INDOT and AECOM and engineering company. Most of these intersections will have their left turn lanes moved.

“We are looking for a way to keep mainline traffic flowing and keep left turners turning. Without having to interrupt each other and that’s the big thing right now,” says Tiller. “We are trying to keep interruptions in mainline traffic and also turning traffic from happening.”

Some drivers were glad to hear this news.

“Oh, it’s going to be great. Anything will help,” says Counts.

Although intersection concerns do not stop there. The intersection where Epworth Road meets the Lloyd is something INDOT is tackling first.

“Through our customer service and through public outreach we did find that the Epworth intersection did have a high number of crashes and so we took action even before the corridor study,” says Tiller.

The Lloyd Expressway Corridor project is predicted to start in 2024. The Epworth Road project is expected to begin in 2021.



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