Illinois Man Arrested for Harassing Multiple Dispatch Centers

Madisonville Police Department arrested a man on Wednesday for misusing 911 and harassing multiple dispatch centers. Police say 30-year-old Christopher Marshall was lodged into the Hopkins County Jail for calling dispatchers at least 18 times overnight.

Marshall was initially involved in a civil dispute with a Dollar General Store Monday. A patrolman spoke to Marshall and answered his questions, and then got “irate and began to yell at Patrolman Davis.”

Authorities reported Marshall called again to speak with the patrolman’s supervisor. After several calls and false informing of a shots fired incident, Marshall and his sister were warned to stop misusing 911. Marshall was told to sleep it off due to being “extremely intoxicated’.

Though, after 20 minutes, Marshall called Central Dispatch again and was still on the phone “yelling at a dispatcher.”

He was arrested early Wednesday morning on a $250 cash bond. He has since posted bail.



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