Illinois Faces Farming Troubles

A one-two punch is making the growing season difficult this year for farmers. Across the Midwest farmers are facing a difficult planting season, but Illinois in particular is having unique crop challenges.

Rainy weather has long-time corn and soybean farmers like Doug Winter concerned. Winter has been farming for 40 years but this may be the latest his seeds have gone in the ground.

“With the continued rain, we’re delayed in planting both corn and soybeans. It’s a very delayed planting season this year. Very little of it has been planted yet. So it’s going to have an adverse effect on corn yields unless we get the perfect planting season this year,” Doug stated.

Adding to the issues in the Land of Lincoln–Washington’s escalating trade war, where import taxes are rising between the Chinese government and the United States..

“We’re having a little squabble with China, because we’ve been treated unfairly for many, many decades–actually a long time. It should’ve been handled a long time ago and it wasn’t. We’ll handle it now,” asserted President Trump.

That so-called squabble is putting the squeeze on Doug’s farm.

“Normally if you do a good job, you have a 10 to 15 percent profit margin,” Doug added. “That’s put us behind the 8-ball as far as not being able to make money at producing this year.”

Despite the problems farmers are facing, shoppers may not see the impact just yet.

“The grain portion is a small component–normally less than ten percent of what cost of the food items are. I don’t think they’ll see a lot of impact in their pocketbook as far as being what they’ll pay for food in the store,” Doug offered.



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