IceMen Deal to Purchase Owensboro Sports Center Is Dead

The owner of the Icemen hockey team says he will not purchase the Owensboro Sports Center. Ron Geary made the announcement in a letter to Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne.

The letter says research has shown the age of the condition of the 68 year old arena would simply require too much cost to convert it into a first class hockey arena. The deal for Geary to purchase the Sports Center was one of the cornerstones of the deal to move the Icemen from Evasnville to Owensboro. The letter does not say if Geary will still try to move the team to Owensboro, or what the future of the Icemen may be. It was previously announced the team would not play during the 2016-2017 season.

Owensboro officials have a news conference called for 5:00 this evening to address the issue.





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